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Welcome to Air Squadron Search News

Its been a very slow year for us.. That could be good thing or a bad thing. We really have nothing to report as our searches have been slow.. Earlier this year we had an active search that included 4 search aircraft. We flew out to Northern Washoe to search for a missing/ overdue hunter his son and their dog. Fortunately one of our aircraft was able to find the missing vehicle and a successful mission occurred possibly saving a couple lives. In recent months we have had several searches. Some successful, some not. This is just an example of one of the many things we do for the citizens around us, all at a fee that anyone can afford. Saving the Sheriffs office thousands of man hours and the costs associated with those hours. 

Many thanks to all who participated in all the searches. . As always we continue to train and be ready for when one comes in. 

We cannot continue to do what we do with your support. So please consider us in your donations. 

Our Bosses

Dept. Dom LeBlanc

Sgt. John Hamilton

Washoe County Sheriff - Darin Balaam


Responsibility for search and rescue operations in the State of Nevada is the duty of the Sheriff of the county of jurisdiction. Washoe County Sheriff Darin Balaam utilizes teams of citizen volunteers, some as auxiliary deputies, to conduct SAR missions. By using SAR volunteers, Sheriff Balaam saves the taxpayers of Washoe County in excess of $993,000 dollars annually on a continual basis. 


Washoe County Search and Rescue receives NO TAX DOLLARS and does not charge for our services. We depend on the generosity of you the public to help us with our financial obligations. Your donations, grants and requests enable us to save countless lives and dollars each year. We save the tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars each year by volunteering our time, equipment, vehicles and aircraft. If you can help please send your donation to us below. Your donation could be the one that saves a life. 

We would like to thank Western Nevada Supply for their generous donation in 2018. If you need supplies in the Nevada area please consider them.

We have a few openings for pilots with planes and are accepting applications, please contact us below if you are interested in applying. 

We could always use donation, please consider us in your donation habits. 

We would like to thank ForeFlight for their sponsorship donation. Please consider their product next time you fly.

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